I met Mr. Z in the summer of 2010, he probably found me from one of the comments I have left on a foreclosure site of some kind. Anyway, after speaking with him at length, I realize how similar our stories really were.
Ever since I refinanced my loan after my husband’s suicide in 2005, I knew there was something not right with my loan. I knew this Countrywide loan was NOT what I was promised by the now defunct mortgage broker…I had 720 credit and assets as well as money in the bank, I should not have received a subprime loan. If only I knew just how bad the loan really was…it was a time bomb waiting to explode. My complaint fell on deaf ears for there was not a friend, relative or lawyer who would take my pleas seriously…. then fast forward to 2010 and here enters Mr Z ….the one with the 10 mortgages and 10 cases of fraud. Apparently Mr. Z was having the same problem as well, no one would listen to him, and he was going into foreclosure.

Remember there are 10 loans
and it is the most blatant tale,
a tale not for the faint of heart,
so much fraud, I don’t know where to start-
From multiple assignments claiming the same loan to title companies forging his name and recording their forged copy-
Lord, I have never seen anything so sloppy
to the constant change in servicers upon each an every inquiry – they move it to someone else-
seems like servicers are juggling way to many balls
to Wells Fargo taking a house in foreclosure and Bank of America calls wanting a modification, it’s not in foreclosure they say
then David Stern snatches up the title
and quickly runs away…
How can David Stern possible end up with the title..
God knows there’s no bridle..
10 loans and 10 cases of FRAUD

I could go on and on about all of his cases…they are being defended but it seems like much more should be done. Is defending a Liars Loan really enough? We have the hard-core real evidence that the frauds on every level have taken place. It seems like a defense is not enough in this epidemic of fraud upon America. I will share more about Mr. Z’s status on the foreclosure fraud and wanted you to all know that you are not alone. We are facing a fraud epidemic of vast proportions that the average American has no idea how to react to this cancerous lesion that no one has ever seen before. It’s a new cancer that spawned off of the last vast fraud of the abacus that is snowballing everywhere now ….Wall Street has put all of us in this situation, and they knew what they were doing.
All I really hope to do, is to help shed some light on this as bright as I can for everyone to be able to see it as clearly as I do….and hopefully in numbers, we can bring out the truth and expose of the fraud once and for all….after all; 10 mortgage, 10 cases of fraud? That is a pretty powerful sample, don’t you think?
More later on… .